• Provides to the Organisation / Enterprise a clear direction for a specific time horizon (3 years, 5 years, etc) by formulating in a systematic and organised manner company’s Strategy and major objectives.
  • Support the Organisation / Enterprise to set explicit, measurable and consequently controllable (able to monitor) targets.
  • Facilitates the identification of new business opportunities preparing in parallel the necessary actions for their exploitation by the organisation.
  • Provides directions in all company’s departments and operations and determines in detail the necessary actions that are required to achieve company’s objectives.
  • Allows the quick and easy monitoring and follow-up of the implementing actions, the control and achievement of pre-set objectives and the on time activation of contingency plans where necessary.
  • As a marketing tool, it can also support company’s effort in accessing funding sources with preferential conditions.

2. Feasibility studies / investments plans supporting either the decision-making process or the process of accessing funding / subsidies, etc. The major benefits are summarised below:

  • Facilitate managers in the decision making process by providing on demand and beforehand reliable knowledge and assessment of the new investment’s profitability, ROI, Break Even Point, NPV, IRR, Sensitivities, etc.
  • Provide a well structured, documented and independent assessment of an investment plan that can be proved valuable for managers and companies and protect them from hasty and incorrect investment decisions.
  • Support managers in the objective determination of the benefits and risks that an investment encompasses and accordingly also facilitates the optimal design and planning for its implementation.