• Analysis and recording of the existing situation of the Organisation / Enterprise, its current and future needs and its potential development plans (investment and/or research).
  • Overall briefing of the Organisation / Enterprise about the overall funding opportunities (national and European) that is able to participate accompanied with the type and the extent of the subsidies that can receive by each of them.
  • Selection of the most suitable funding programmes, that best fit to the investment and/or research plans of the Organisation / Enterprise.
  • Detailed briefing of the Organisation / Enterprise about the total engagements and obligations that does involve his participation in the respective funding programmes.
  • Full support to the Organisation / Enterprise in the proper planning and in the preparation of the respective proposals studies, according to the exact characteristics and requirements of each funding programme targeting to the highest evaluation outcome and the approval of the proposed investment plan and / or research project.
  • Permanent follow-up of the course of evaluation of the submitted proposals-studies and on time submission of all the on demand clarifications and/or additional elements in case where they are asked by the management authority and/or evaluation committee of the respective programmes.
  • High quality management and monitoring of the approved projects targeting to the smooth and unhindered implementation of work and the on time reception of the public funding (on time submission of all the required administrative management and monitoring forms, guidance to the Organisation / Enterprise about the implementation requirements of the approved work, constant briefing of its departments and executives regarding reporting requirements and obligations e.g. accounting department, legal advisor, etc, and the on time and proper fulfilment of all the obligations that results from company’s participation in the specific funding programmes.