Q-PLAN provides integrated services for the introduction of the EFQM Business Excellence Model in Large Enterprises, Small and Medium sized Enterprises, Operational Units/ Departments of Large Enterprises and Public Sector Organisations.

In order to ensure high quality services to its customers in each phase of the establishment of the Business Excellence System, Q-PLAN has developed a network of fully qualified collaborators/ partners (e.g. special scientists / European level assessors, EFQM authorised trainers, specialised firms on the design of monitoring programmes, etc.).

Q-PLAN’s services include:

  1. Assistance to the Organisation/ Enterprise for its self-assessment, through special questionnaires and relevant software for their elaboration and performance of workshops for the identification of the “strong points” and the “areas for improvement”.
  2. Training personnel on terms and themes related to Business Excellence, on scoring according to the RADAR method, on team work and on modern tools for dealing with problems.
  3. Recommendation of Total Quality Management System operational mechanisms, aiming at the:
    • organisation of the policy and strategy planning
    • determination of the appropriate policy and strategy targets
    • establishment of criteria to monitor the accomplishment of targets
    • continuous improvement of products and services
    • continuous improvement of customer assistance services
    • increase of skills, commitment and satisfaction of the Organisation’s / Enterprise’s human resources.